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That are available at various Gauthier supply stores.There it is twenty slots. All we have to do now is cut out the taper, the correct nut width, and this will get glued onto a neck a little bit later. Julie is now installing the nurslings. These are a composite laminate of wood veneers that have been dyed and sliced into thin strips.They're for aesthetic purposes only.Unlike the nurslings, which are mainly aesthetic, the bindings actually are installed to protect the joint between the soundboard and the rim set, or the back and the rim set,in case the guitar were to fall, or to take some kind of shock or impact.

So, what this contraption is doing is it's establishing the geometry between the neck and the body in three planes;in the vertical off the soundboard, which is going to establish the play ability and the string height;left to right on the center line, which speaks for itself;also to make sure the neck goes down parallel to the top, because you don't want the neck to go askew.Because of the dial indicator and the mechanics of this fixture, I can dial in the neck geometry to within one-thousandth of an inch.So, for the player, it's exceptional.

So, this is a truss rod, and what it does is it's job is to counter the pull of the strings to keep the neck straight.So, this gets installed up against this little block of wood, which keeps it from moving backwards,and I'm going put in a mahogany filler strip on the top, which will help prevent any buzz.I'm just mixing up some marine-grade epoxy to glue the fingerboards on the neck snow that everything has been prepared.And the reason I use epoxy as opposed to traditional.