Collapsed Pool Enclosures

You just had a pool enclosure installed over your pool and can’t wait to use it all winter long. The thought of swimming all year long or enjoying your morning paper beside the pool in the middle of winter is finally possible. The weather slowly gets cooler and the snow begins to fly. Little by little winter is finally here. You now are enjoying swimming in the middle of winter right in your own back year. A winter snow storm is forecasted the next day, but no worries you have a swimming pool enclosure.

Can't swim now

During the night the storm hits with high winds and 4” of heavy snow.  It is not a big storm just a typical snow storm you get a few times a year, not even a big one.  So when you look out at your pool enclosure first thing in the morning you noticed you are looking at your swimming pool not your swimming pool enclosure.  The dome roof of the retractable pool enclosure is half in the pool and deck.  The metal frame is twisted like a pretzel and panels and components are all over the backyard and blown away to the neighbour’s yard.  This can’t be happening its brand new you have a warranty, it supposed to be designed for winter?  Now what do you do next.

This unfortunately happens many times over the winter right across the county.  Some failed pool enclosure owners are luckier than others they get a year or two out of their enclosure before it collapses.  Not all pool enclosures are made equally.    You may ask yourself why a company would sell pool enclosure that would collapse; they seem like a nice company and showed you a number of pictures of pool enclosures. 

But now you call the company up, if you have a bit of luck they may still answer the phone, they inform you had to remove the snow from the pool enclosure and must support it with poles and rods.   Or disassembly it and bring it indoors for high winds.  You can’t believe what you are hear.  This does not make sense.  What company would sell a building and expect you to clear the snow off it in the middle of the night or day and disassembly it during high winds.  Now you are beginning to wonder if this pool enclosure was a good deal or a deal too good to be true.  The company informs you to read your warranty.   Now you are worried since you just told them what happened and they Don’t seem to care but tell you to read your warranty.   You put the phone down and dig out the warranty.

You begin to read the warranty and it sounds like a typical warranty but then you notice a few strange things and think to yourself you should have read this before.

Your warranty states you must remove snow from the roof greater than 10 cm or 2.5” and the winds can’t exceed 100km/hr.  But you live in an area that receives a lot more than 2.5” of snow and wind gust can reach up to 60mph or more which is greater than what states in the warranty.  You phone the manufacturer back and they state your warranty is invalid since you didn’t follow it.  You are on your own, now what do you do.

Don’t end up with a Collapsed Pool Enclosure, read your warranty and contact a pool enclosure company that designs pool enclosures for whatever Mother Nature throws at it.


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