SPOONERS Wins the Golden Space Needle Award!

Director Bryan Horch and Assistant Director Liz Ellis at SIFF


The Seattle International Film Festival selects around 150 films from over 3,000 short film submissions.  Much to our delight, SPOONERS was selected as the audience favorite, taking home the coveted Golden Space Needle Award for best short film.  This was a huge honor and an incredible testament to the talent and creativity of cast and crew.  The summer of SPOONERS starts with a bang!!  Thank you SIFF programmers and audiences for recognizing us in such a huge way.


We had an incredibly successful first round of shooting this week, thanks to the collaboration of our talented and hilarious Cast and Crew, and the generosity of so many- including Richard Becker who donated the use of his home for shooting, as well as Jillian and Peter Knapp, Gary Kloc and all the folks at Danco Modern who not only provided a beautiful location for shooting, but also jumped in as actors and extras in the film.

Location, Location, Location!

Danco Modern: Paintings my Kate Marion Lapierre and mirrors by Jonathan Russel

Not only did we find an amazing location for the bed store, but we probably are fortunate enough to be shooting in the most beautiful, colorful, and cinematic furniture store in New England- and it’s right around the corner!  Danco Modern, a locally owned furniture store, is not only supporting us as local filmmakers, but they support local artists by exhibiting their work in the showrooms as part of the displays.  They also sell beautiful hand crafted furniture of all types made in New England.  I wish I had known about Danco when I was looking for beds this summer- they have a huge selection.

Disclaimer:  Danco does NOT have snarky computerized talking beds like the one I dealt with at a box store.  You can actually interact with really cool, down to earth people there.

Please show your love for Danco Modern 10 West St. West Hatfield, MA

The View from Cloud 9

We are officially in pre-production for our short film, Spooners!  After several months of writing, feedback and revision, the screenplay was read by a panel of very talented actors at the Film Columbia screenwriter’s workshop yesterday. We were thrilled that it was received with continuous bursts of laughter by both the audience and actors (who couldn’t seem to contain themselves), and inspired lively discussion afterwards.  The talented actors who participated in the reading were indie film great Parker Posey, Kevin Craig West, Glen Heroy, Gian Murray-Gianino, Nadia Dajani, Scott Cohen, Lily Balsan and Anna Acciani.

The workshop was a  fantastic opportunity to meet other screenwriters from around the country and get valuable artistic feedback from experienced actors.  Keep checking back for the status of production.  We will be creating a Kickstarter Page for fundraising, and will be hosting readings and parties over the next couple months.  If you can’t wait to contribute as a financial backer, or as an actor or crew member, please send us a message below.

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